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Baby Sleep

40 Winks, Or At Least a Cat Nap

All you want is a good night’s sleep, but you probably haven’t had one since before you got pregnant. When you were pr...

Can Sleep Training Be Harmful?

Waking up every couple of hours to tend to a crying baby can feel like torture to many new parents. But is letting your little one...

Sleep Tips for a 10-Month-Old Baby

When your baby turns 10 months old, you may see some changes in her sleep patterns. Even a baby who previously slept through the n...

Cradle Vs. Bassinet

Having your infant sleep near you in a cradle or bassinet not only makes nighttime feedings and diaper changes easier, but this pr...

Infant Sleep & Reflux

Caring for a baby can be exhausting sometimes, especially if a baby has reflux. Many parents of infants with reflux must spend ext...

Tips for Getting a Teething and Congested Baby to Sleep

When your baby doesn’t feel well, he may have trouble settling down and sleeping. Teething is a common and ongoing issue for...

How to Help a 9-Month-Old Sleep All Night

By the time babies are 9 months old, they are usually sleeping through the night, possibly for nine to 12 hours at a stretch. But ...

How to Get a Five-Week-Old Baby to Sleep

When your baby is 5 weeks old, he is not able to stay awake for long periods. However, that does not mean he's going to sleep well...

How to Get a 1-Year-Old Child to Sleep in His Own Bed

Many parents sleep with their infants. Nearly half of the infants in a study by the National Institute of Child Health and Human D...

Infant Grunting in Sleep

Newborn babies often have irregular sleep and breathing patterns that distress their parents. In most cases, grunts and other nois...
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