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Should You Actually Be Drinking Beer Instead of Milk?

The results of alcohol consumption tests often seem conflicting. So how are we supposed to gauge these metrics in regards to our o...

The Best Beer for Your Liver Is Also the Tastiest

Turns out that the latest beer trend of hoppy beers and IPAs are not only delicious but actually good for your health, too, accord...

Oreo Beer Is Officially a Thing and May Be Healthier Than Oreos

Oreo Beer is officially a real life thing and it actually may be healthier than eating Oreos themselves...

Blue Moon Beer Nutrition Facts

The Blue Moon Brewing company, located in Colorado, began brewing in 1995. According to their website, the Belgian White was one o...

How to Calculate Calories in Wine

A glass or two of wine can be good for your health, particularly if it's red wine. Resveratrol, a flavonoid found in red wine,...

How to Store Nutritional Yeast Flakes

Nutritional yeast, which is available in health food stores, is different than the yeast used to bake bread or brewer’s yeas...

Hard Alcohol Vs. Beer Calories

Drinking any type of alcohol when on a weight loss diet can hinder your progress, as when you drink alcohol your body will burn it...

Calories of Guinness Stout Beer

Guinness is a dark stout beer that is brewed with Irish barley, brewers yeast, hops and water. The water used to brew Guinness com...

The Calories in Sherry Wine

Sherry has deep roots in Spain, where it was produced by the Phoenicians starting about 1100 B.C. If you have a dry sherry, drink ...

Calories and Alcohol Content of Stout Beer

Stout is a type of beer that has been around commercially since 1820 and consists of many types, including dry stout, cream stout ...
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