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The Disadvantages of Prolonged Breastfeeding

Most new mothers have heard about the benefits of breastfeeding. In addition to helping you bond with your infant, breastfeeding i...

Foods That Increase Milk Supply When Breastfeeding

While breastfeeding works on a simple supply and demand principle, occasionally you may need some extra help with milk supply. Som...

Can You Increase the Fat In Breast Milk?

If you are a nursing mom and concerned about your baby's growth, speak to your pediatrician or a lactation consultant, but conside...

How to Use the Avent Manual Breast Pump

The Avent Manual Brest Pump is an ideal way to relieve pressure through engorgement and to pump and store small amounts of milk fo...

How to Use Breast Pumps for a Second Child

When your second child is born, you can save money by reusing many of the baby supplies you purchased for your first child. While ...

How Much Breast Milk Should You Be Able to Pump?

Pumping your breast milk allows you to provide your baby with a steady supply of milk—which can be helpful when you are trav...

How to Fit Yourself for a Breastshield for a Breast Pump

When it comes to choosing a breast shield for a breast pump, one size does not fit all. A breast shield that is too small will squ...

Pumping Breast Milk and Weight Loss

During pregnancy women gain weight, which they can later use for breast milk production after giving birth, according to La Leche ...

Why Is Lanolin Bad for Your Nipples?

Lanolin, a yellow wax-like substance extracted from wool, is used as a lubricant as well as a foundation for ointments and creams....

Diet to Increase Breast Milk

Many breastfeeding mothers become concerned that their babies are not getting enough breast milk, and they worry that their milk s...
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