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Home Remedies of a Blister Resulting From a Burn

Skin that has been burned becomes red, and blisters may form in the case of a second- or third-degree burn, says the Mayo Clinic. ...

Home Remedies for Burn Blisters on the Tongue

Drinking or eating food that is too hot can result in painful burn blisters on the tongue. These burn blisters can make it hard to...

Uses for Silver Sulfadiazine Cream

Silver sulfadiazine cream is a sulfa drug that kills bacteria and yeast organisms that cause wound infections, particularly in sev...

What Are the Treatments for Skin Bleach Burn?

You can suffer a chemical burn by spilling bleach on your skin. If your burn is severe, you need to seek immediate medical attenti...

Remedies for a Jalapeno Skin Burn

Jalapenos are a hot variety of chile pepper, classified at 2,500 to 5,000 Scoville units. Scoville units measure the heat of chile...

Jalapenos & Skin Burns

Jalapeno peppers are the food of the brave. The heat of a jalapeno can add a kick to food but a lasting burn to your skin. Althoug...

Hot Pepper Oil & Skin Burn

Accidental knife cuts and hand scalds may be more common kitchen disasters, but when hot pepper oil comes into contact with your s...

How to Heal a Light Skin Burn

A light skin burn would be classified as first-degree and affect only the outer layer of skin. Symptoms of a first-degree burn inc...

Melasma in Kids

Melasma is a disorder that causes parts of the skin to become dark brown. Although melasma is purely a superficial skin condition-...

How to Heal an Internal Mouth Burn

Misjudging the temperature of a hot cup of coffee or slurp of soup may require you to pay the painful consequences for days or wee...
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