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C Section

What Are the Causes of Bleeding After a C-Section?

It is natural for a woman to experience some bleeding following a C-section, but uncontrollable bleeding may occur when the major ...

Complications Post C-Section

A C-section, or a cesarean section, is a surgical procedure in which a baby is delivered through an incision in the lower belly ar...

Can I Eat Before a C-Section?

Preparing yourself mentally and physically for your scheduled C-section by talking to your doctor and touring the maternity ward c...

Health Risks for the Baby After a C-Section

There are many reasons for a c-section, including a baby who is too big to fit through the vagina safely, slow labor, an infection...

Can I Eat Solid Foods After a C-Section?

According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, eating solid foods after a Cesarean section is safe and may ...

Swimming After a C-Section

While each woman's recovery from a C-section varies, doctors generally recommend waiting six weeks after delivery before beginning...

Pressure or Pain in the Vagina After Walking Too Much During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a condition that is constantly changing over a nine-month period. When a woman first becomes pregnant, she may feel w...

Post C-Section Weightlifting Restrictions

Doctors perform C-sections, also known as Cesarean sections, when women cannot safely give birth vaginally. Doctors make a surgica...

How to Jog After a C-Section

Many women are eager to return to normal exercise after having a baby. Many choose jogging because it helps burn a lot of calories...

How to Get Rid of a Belly Pouch From a C-Section

While many new moms struggle with losing post-pregnancy weight and strengthening the abdominal muscles, recovery after a cesarean ...
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