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Clothing Care

How to Shrink Cotton Shirts in Boiling Water

Cotton is a durable fabric that is widely used for making clothes. Cotton can shrink under the right conditions, so if you have a ...

How to Stretch Out Sweatpants

If you accidentally shrank your favorite sweatpants, don’t toss them in the trash just yet. Although the pants may look like...

How to Get Mud out of White Nylon Mesh Shoes

Nylon mesh is a lightweight, versatile material used to create shoes that work well for activities such as hiking, fishing and enj...

How to Clean Nylon Totes Boots

Nylon Totes boots allow you to brave the icy winters without suffering with cold, wet feet. However, jumping through puddles and ...

How to Break in Boots Fast

The perfect pair of new boots can lend you the confidence you need to hit the streets or take on the hiking trail, but overly snug...

How to Keep Your Shoelaces From Untying

Untied shoelaces become a dangerous tripping hazard if left undone, even for a few minutes. Spending your time looking down at you...

How to Clean High School Jacket Vinyl Sleeves

Your high school letterman's jacket signifies a special time. No doubt, you wore it to sporting events, academic decathlons and pa...

How to Keep Your Snakeskin Boots From Turning Yellow

Unlike traditional boot materials, like cowhide, snakeskin boots have an interesting, exotic pattern that is unique to the materia...

How to Make a Roomy Slingback Fit Better

Maybe you lost a little weight. Or perhaps your shoes got stretched out. It is even possible that you found the perfect shoes in a...

Advantages & Disadvantages of Cotton Clothes

Your closets and drawers are filled with clothing made of cotton, the most commonly used fiber in the United States. Some of your ...
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