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How to Obtain a Credit Report on Someone Else

Many people want to know their credit score, so they check their credit report online for free. Checking another person's cred...

How to Remove Foreclosure From Your Credit Report

A foreclosure listing can significantly damage your credit rating and hinder your ability to get approved for low interest rates o...

How to Withdraw an IRA to Pay Off High-Interest Credit Cards

If you're carrying around high-interest credit card debt, you may be wondering what your best option is to pay down your debt ...

How to Settle My American Express Credit Card Account

If you've fallen behind on your American Express bill or are simply tired of throwing away money each month on interest and fe...

How to Add Tradelines to a Credit Report

A trade line is simply an entry on your credit report that contains the details of your credit history with a single lender. In es...

IRS Recourse vs. Nonrecourse Debt

The classification of debt as recourse or nonrecourse is important for borrowers in two ways. First, the classification affects th...

How Do Medical Bills Affect Your Credit Score?

Medical care in America is costly, even for those with insurance. Leaving medical bills unpaid can have an adverse effect on your ...

How to Clear Up a UTI at Home

A urinary tract infection often does not require hospitalization and can be cleared up and treated at home. However, speaking or v...

The Best New Propane Furnaces

While gas furnaces by law must have an efficiency rating of at least 78 percent, many propane furnaces have an astounding 97 perce...

How to Protect Credit Card Magnetic Strip

The black strip on the back of your credit or debit card is magnetized and stores information about your account. When the strip i...
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