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How to Change a Cricket Bat Grip Using a Grip Cone

Proper maintenance of a cricket bat includes replacing the rubber grip when it starts to show signs of wear and tear. A special de...

The Benefits of Playing Cricket

A popular bat and ball sport especially in the Commonwealth of Nations, cricket allows you to spend time outdoors while engaged in...

Nine Fitness Components of Cricket

Cricket is a team sport played using a bat and ball on an oval-shaped outdoor arena. During the course of a cricket game you'll ex...

How to Inswing a Cricket Ball

A cricket ball can swing both ways after being released by the bowler. If you're a right-handed bowler, once you've releas...

Cricket Slang Terms

Cricket is a game is played in innings, with one inning consisting of each team taking a turn batting and fielding. The fielding t...

Skills in Cricket

Cricket requires a variety of skills that are commonly used in a number of sports. Hand-eye coordination, throwing or catching a b...

Fitness Tips for Cricket

Though cricket appears to include long spells of rest in the field, regular short bursts of activity and long periods of batting t...

Historical Development of Cricket

Cricket has developed from a game played only by English noblemen and aristocrats to a sport played and watched by millions in Ind...

The Best Cricket Bats in the World

Cricket bats are made from fibrous wood from the English Willow tree or the Kashmir Willow tree that grows in India. According to ...

How to Hit Big Shots in Cricket

Hitting the ball out of the ground is one of most enjoyable aspects of playing cricket. The big shots are a series of shots used w...
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