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Divorce and Legal Issues

Which States Have No Fault Divorce?

A "no-fault" divorce is any divorce in which the spouse asking for divorce does not have to prove that the other spouse ...

What Does the Law Say About the Father's Rights on Abortion?

Abortion is one of the most controversial issues in American politics. The appropriate role that the father has in the abortion de...

Joint Tenant Vs. Tenants in Common

A joint tenancy and a tenancy in common are both legal arrangements that allow two or more people to share ownership of property. ...

How Does My Child's Father Sign Over His Rights?

The laws of all states include provisions that permit a birth father to voluntarily sign over his parental rights in very specific...

The Best Custody Arrangements for Children

Establishing the best custody arrangements for a child must be accomplished on a case by cases basis, according to the American Ba...

What Happens After Filing for Divorce?

When one spouse files for divorce, it kicks off a legal back-and-forth that may remind you of how a lawsuit progresses. That's...

Rights for Separated Fathers

While each state establishes specific laws regarding the rights of parents, the general principle in American law today is that th...

A Father's Rights to Visitation in Texas

Public policy in the state of Texas is to make sure that minor children have frequent and ongoing contact with both parents as lon...

Child Custody Rights When in Jail

Decisions regarding child custody issues always involve a determination of what is in the best interests of the child, according t...

Parental Rights of a Father in Jail

Parents incarcerated in a county, state or federal prison lose many of the rights that free parents take for granted. Prisoners wh...
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