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Domestic Abuse

Signs of an Emotionally Abusive Husband

Abuse from your husband could be either physical or mental, notes Maria Bogdanos, writing for There are various ...

What Are the Laws on Domestic Violence in Texas?

Statistics accumulated by the Texas Health and Human Services Commission in 2008 revealed that there were almost 190,000 incidents...

How to Get Help for an Abusive Husband

Getting help for an abusive husband is a common response in domestic abuse situations. It's natural to believe that the abuse ...

How to Get Out of an Abusive Relationship When You Have No Money

Whether you are in a relationship that is verbally, emotionally or physically abusive, it is possible to find a safe way out of th...

Ten Signs You Are in an Abusive Relationship

Abusive relationships are more than just relationships where physical violence occurs. Often the signs are more subtle and many vi...

Signs of Danger When Leaving an Abusive Relationship

About 10 million U.S. men and women experience some form of domestic abuse, which is defined as the use of emotional manipulation ...

List of Narcissistic Behaviors to Watch Out for

Narcissistic personality disorder is a mental disorder that often causes people to form unhealthy relationships. According to an a...

Signs of an Abusive Husband

The signs that will help you recognize an abusive husband -- whether your own or the husband of someone close to you -- are not bl...

Excessive Anger Toward a Spouse Causing Mental & Physical Abuse

An estimated 1.3 million women and 835,000 men are physically assaulted by an intimate partner every year in the United States, ac...
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