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Filipino Food

How to Cook Longanisa

Longanisa's striking crimson color stops you in your tracks when you first come across it, but its spicy, complex taste, pungent a...

How to Cook Piaya

Piaya, or piyaya, is a flat, unleavened bread from the Philippines. The piaya is filled with mozcovado, or raw, sugar. This fillin...

How to Bake Filipino Mocha Cake

Filipino mocha cake is light and airy with a coffee-flavored batter and is commonly served for breakfast or dessert. The sweet cak...

How to Cook Balatong

Balatong is a traditional Filipino soup made primarily from mung beans and vegetables. There are several variations of balatong re...

How to Cook Lengua Estofada

Lengua estofada, or estofado, is a traditional Filipino dish made from ox tongue. "Lengua" means tongue in the Tagalog l...

How to Cook Tinolang Isda

In most areas of the Philippines -- particularly in Visayas and Mindanao, two of the three main island groups -- the word "ti...

How to Cook Tochong Bangus

Tochong bangus is a Filipino dish that in translates in English to “milkfish with black beans and soy cakes.” Bangus, ...

How to Do a Filipino Pig Roast

Pig roasts are common for events and gatherings where you cook the whole pig over an open fire or in an underground pit. There are...
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