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Frenemies, Rejoice! Gossiping Is Actually Good for Your Health

A University of Pavia study found that gossiping releases feel-good hormones and reduces stress levels....

Important Qualities of a Good Roommate

Rooming with a friend can bring you closer together or push you apart forever--it all depends on how well you plan and communicate...

How to Set Boundaries With Friends

You may have a difficult time saying "no," when your old college buddy calls up and asks for help with a move, or you ma...

What Makes a Bad Roommate?

Coming home to a bad roommate is the last thing you want to do after a long day. Sharing a living space with another person -- whe...

What Are My Rights As a Roommate?

When renters take on roommates or house guests, the question of legal rights often arises. The key question in determining the rig...

How to Stop an Adult Bully

When people think of bullies, they usually think of schoolchildren on the playground, but bullying doesn't go away when you be...

22 Famous Women Share Their Role Models

22 Famous Women Share Their Role Models. Former first lady Michelle Obama, activist Janet Mock and actress Sophia Bush are just a ...

How Making Friends With Your Co-Workers Will Make You Happier

Making friends with the people you work with is a sure-fire way to improve your happiness and will in turn make you more productiv...

How Does Nonverbal Communication Affect Relationships?

Most of us remember cringing as children when our mothers gave us that look -- the look that meant we were in deep trouble. She di...

Signs That a Woman Likes a Man

Men often insist that they don't understand women, but if they pay closer attention to body language, many secrets can be reve...
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