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Healthy Habits

Soaking Dry & Chapped Hands in Milk

Dry and chapped hands can be caused by cold, dry weather, lack of humidity in the hair, excess exposure to water and even using ho...

Antiperspirant Spray vs. Stick

Antiperspirants work to decrease wetness under the arms as well as on other parts of the body. These products are numerous in term...

The Disadvantages of Doing Hula Hoop

Spinning colorful plastic circles around your waist sounds like an enjoyable exercise, and it is. While hooping is a calorie-burni...

How to Increase an Instep for a Dancer

When it comes to improving your feet for dance, it's important to balance hard reality with a healthy dose of optimism. On the one...

A Home Remedy for Cracked Cuticles & Dry Hands

Dry hands and sore, cracked cuticles result when the skin loses moisture, often caused by exposure to wind, cold temperatures, sun...

Adoption Home Inspection Checklist

The decision to adopt a child -- whether through foster care or an adoption agency -- is one that you should make after careful co...

Is Getting Some Sun Going to Kill Me?

I wasn’t totally aware of the power of the sun until I was 24 years old. That was the year I shaved my comb-over and committ...

Jenny McCarthy: Best. Meal. Ever!

For Jenny McCarthy looking fit means avoiding comfort food high in carbs, sugar and fat. So, it may come as a surprise that McCart...

TMJ Mouthpiece Options

Doctors often prescribe a mouthpiece, guard or splint to treat their patients suffering from temporomandibular disorders -- TMD, w...

TMJ & Allergies

The term TMJ is an abbreviation for temporomandibular joint, the joint that connects your jaw to the front wall of your ear canal....
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