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Hepatitis C Center

Alternative and Complementary Therapies for Hepatitis C

Once the news that you have hepatitis C sinks in, your thoughts will likely turn to treatment. Therapy with antiviral medicines is...

Hepatitis C Drugs and Treatment

When you’re living with hepatitis C, deciding if and when to pursue treatment is one of the biggest healthcare decisions you...

Hepatitis C Testing

The thought of taking a test -- whether for scholastic or medical purposes -- is often a scary prospect. But when it comes to hepa...

Hepatitis C Risk Factors

When it comes to contagious viruses, the hepatitis C virus is more finicky than most in terms of how it is passed from one person ...

Risks of Drinking Alcohol With Hepatitis C

Drinking alcohol when you have hepatitis C can be a dangerous combination, since both negatively affect the liver. The hepatitis C...
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