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Horse Sports

The Best Polo Shirts

A well-proportioned collar and the appropriate shoulder width, sleeve opening and length are all important factors when selecting ...

Equestrian Riders and Joint Pain

Equestrians love their sport, but occasionally, riders of all ages experience joint pain. That pain is most commonly felt in the k...

Exercises to Become a Better Horseback Rider

If you aim to become a better horseback rider, you need to do more than just ride, says University of Kentucky trainer Sue Stanley...

How to Determine Saddle Seat Size

The only way to be sure of a saddle's fit is to actually sit in the saddle. However, measuring your leg can give you a quick i...

The Best Quality Equestrian Helmets

Riders need the best quality helmets available to protect them from potentially serious or fatal injuries. When you're conside...

Pillo Polo Rules

Pillo polo, also known as floor hockey in some places, is a popular recreation and physical education game that has been around fo...

Horse Racing Schools

Formal training schools for careers in the horse racing industry are few and far between. Much of your knowledge will come from di...
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