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Hybrid Vehicles

Hybrid Car Facts: the Good & the Bad

As concerns about global warming increase, hybrid vehicles, which run on a combination of gasoline power and electricity, have bec...

The Difference Between Parallel Hybrid Cars & Series Hybrid Cars

Hybrid electric vehicles--HEVs--combine a gasoline-powered combustion engine with an electric motor to offer a more environmentall...

What Makes Hybrid Cars Better for the Environment?

Whether a hybrid car is better for the environment than a conventional gasoline-powered car depends on their relative sizes. If yo...

Advantages of Hybrid Organizational Structures

The organizational structure of a business often dictates the chain of command and responsibility within a company or group. Organ...

Hybrid Bicycles vs. Mountain Bicycles

In today's bicycle marketplace, many options abound for a cyclist's needs. Hybrid, or cross bikes, are growing in popularity for f...

Negative Effects of Hybrid Cars

Hybrids, more formally called hybrid-electric vehicles or HEVs, are automobiles powered by both gasoline and electricity. In hybri...

Differences Between Hybrid Cars & Regular Cars

Hybrid cars, regular cars, electric cars, plug-ins, hydrogen fuel cells and even solar--the types of vehicle technologies availabl...

The Reasons a Car Smells Like Gas When Driving and While Parked

The smell of gas in or around your car may be an inconvenience, something completely harmless or a severe hazard. When you smell g...

The Best Pedals for Trek Hybrids

Before shopping, consider how you ride your hybrid bike. Hybrids can handle a little bit of everything. If you spend more time on ...

How Do Hybrid Cars Affect the Economy?

Every U.S. president since Richard Nixon has bemoaned the reliance on foreign oil imports. Several technologies are aimed at reduc...
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