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Best Places to Kayak in Connecticut

From tumbling mountain rivers to the secluded islands of Long Island Sound, Connecticut provides a wide variety of opportunities f...

How to Anchor a Kayak

When kayak fishing or if you just want to rest when out for a paddle, an anchor is a useful tool. The typical anchor setup consist...

Loon 160T Tandem Kayak by Old Town Review

The Loon 160T Tandem Kayak by Old Town is a two person kayak that can convert to a one person kayak. You can either slide the fron...

Places to Kayak in Virginia

Virginia is home to diverse kayaking opportunities, from secluded mountain streams to the open coast. Beginners can find plenty of...

Best Kayaking in Northern Georgia

From tumbling streams to vast reservoirs, Northern Georgia offers a wide range of kayaking options, to the point that choosing the...

Best Kayaking Spots in Massachusetts

With hundreds of lakes and streams and nearly 200 miles of coastline, Massachusetts is a paddler's paradise. Kayak enthusiasts...

The Best Sunglasses for Kayaking

Taking a kayaking trip out onto a placid lake or through a white-knuckle, whitewater course can put a substantial strain on your e...

How to Get Back Up On and Sit-on-Top Kayak After Falling Out

Cruising through the crisp water in a kayak is a perfect way to spend a gorgeous spring or summer day. But when your kayak flips, ...

Kayak Exercises

Kayaking is about more than just paddling. Because of the nature of the kayak and the types of maneuvers you must do on the water,...

How to Kayak Faster

The sport of kayaking utilizes many skills including balance, core strength and coordination. Kayaking is an activity performed on...
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