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Nutritional Values of Kiwifruit

Although you might associate kiwifruit most closely with New Zealand, it's actually native to China, where it was domesticated 300...

What Are the Benefits of Eating Kiwi Fruit?

Kiwifruits, or kiwi, is an edible berry about the size of a chicken egg. It features a fuzzy peel that surrounds a green fruit wit...

How Do I Blend Kiwi in a Blender?

Blending kiwi into your morning smoothie gives you a burst of vitamins, as well as a splash of color. Blended kiwi adds a flavor t...

Calories in One Kiwi Fruit

Kiwifruit originated in China where it was once considered a delicacy. Kiwi was introduced into North America in the 1960s; since ...

What Nutrients Does Kiwi Fruit Have?

Kiwi fruit was originally grown in the Chang Kiang Valley of China around the 10th century. By the mid-1800s, kiwi fruit had made ...

Are Green Kiwi Fruit & Gold Kiwi Fruit Nutritionally the Same?

If you eat oranges for their vitamin C, bananas for their potassium and apples for their fiber, you may want to pick up some kiwif...

Kiwi Fruit for Skin Care

Kiwis are natives of the China’s Yangzte River Valley, but today are grown commercially worldwide. The fuzzy brown-skinned f...

Is Kiwi Fruit Alkaline?

The Chinese have harvested and eaten kiwifruit, known to them as “yang tao,” since ancient times, according to “...
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