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The Difference Between Boy's & Girl's Lacrosse Sticks

Although the sport of lacrosse shares the same name for both boys and girls, the sticks used by each gender, as well as the game, ...

NCAA Rules for Men's Lacrosse

Lacrosse is a game played at the high school, college and professional levels. When it is played by men at the college level, it i...

Lacrosse Drills for Beginners

A fast-paced game, lacrosse demands not only athleticism but also exceptional skill, as players need to throw and catch a ball usi...

Workout Routines for Lacrosse Players

Lacrosse athletes require the same type of strength, power and conditioning work as soccer players. They’ve got to be able t...

How to Get Ready for a Lacrosse Game

Getting ready for the big game takes more than throwing your lacrosse stick into the back seat of your car minutes before take-off...

How to Tape a Lacrosse Shaft

Like hockey sticks and baseball bats, lacrosse stick can be difficult to grip when playing the game. This is due in large part to ...

Lacrosse Rules for Girls

Rules for youth girls lacrosse differ from women's and some high school lacrosse rules. Girls rule modifications depend upon a...

Stick Requirements in Lacrosse

The sport of lacrosse is governed by US Lacrosse. The US Lacrosse rules regulate the materials allowed and the size and shape of t...

Ways to Break in a Lacrosse Pocket

New lacrosse sticks, or one with a restrung pocket, need to be "broken in." The anatomy of a lacrosse pocket determines...

Lacrosse Defensive Drills

Defensive drills in lacrosse are designed to help your team reduce the goals scored against it as well as improving fundamentals. ...
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