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Life Insurance

How to Take Out a Life Insurance Policy on a Parent

Even if you're an adult, the death of a parent can represent a significant financial burden. Even self-sufficient adult childr...

How to Get Life Insurance with Kidney Disease

Although having kidney disease makes it more difficult to obtain life insurance, it does not make it impossible. Check with your e...

What Blood Tests Are Performed in a Life Insurance Physical?

A physical examination may be needed when you purchase a life insurance policy, especially for larger benefit amounts. Insurance u...

What Is Mortality Table for Life Insurance?

Mortality tables are one of the main tools for the life insurance industry. Mortality tables are mathematically complex grids of n...

Life Insurance Vs. Accidental Death Insurance

There are several primary differences between life insurance and accidental death insurance. Accidental death insurance is actuall...

What Is Employer Paid Term Life Insurance?

Employer-paid life insurance can be an important part of protecting your family in the event that you die prematurely. Companies o...

How to Borrow Against Your Life Insurance

A benefit to purchasing permanent life insurance is that by the time the policy is five years old it begins to build up cash value...

Mental Illness & Life Insurance

According to Virginia-based insurance executive Courtney Rogers, a mental illness may affect your ability to get life insurance an...

How to Set Up a Trust for a Minor Child's Life Insurance

Naming your minor child as the beneficiary of your life insurance policy is a mistake. State law will prohibit your minor child fr...

How to Find Existing Life Insurance Policies

Whether your intent is to find existing life insurance policies for a loved one who passed or locate a policy taken out on you, th...
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