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Marriage and Resolving Conflict

How to Talk to Your Partner About Their Smartphone Obsession

Is Facebook ruining your sex life? If so, you're not alone. Learn the signs of digital device obsession and learn from top experts...

How to Get Over an Abusive Relationship

It is not easy to move past the pain of an abusive relationship. Abuse at the hands of a loved can leave you feeling worthless, de...

Danger Signs of Possessive Relationships

Possessive relationships vary in severity. While some possessive individuals may try to control every aspect of their partner's li...

Signs That a Husband Is Thinking About Cheating

You can’t make your marriage immune from the threat of infidelity, even if you describe your relationship as rock solid. It ...

Why do Battered Women Stay in Abusive Relationships?

The friends and loved ones of a battered woman often wonder why she stays in the abusive relationship. The psychological state of ...

The Causes of Marital Infidelity

The actual chances of infidelity might not be as high as many sources claim. In fact, Dr. John Grohol, founder and CEO of PsychCen...

Marriage Problems & Personality Disorder

According to relationship specialist John Gray, differences between the ways men and women think, act and react all contribute to ...

How to Cope With an Emotionally & Verbally Abusive Husband

Trying to cope with an emotionally and verbally abusive husband can be very difficult. Abusers create an unfair playing field so t...

How to Win Your Husband Back After an Affair

An affair doesn't have to lead to a divorce. If both parties want to work through the hurt that has been caused and rebuild th...

Married Women & Loneliness

Feeling lonely and being alone are not one in the same. Many women can spend time alone yet not feel lonely, while other women can...
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