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Newborns and What to Expect

When to Take a Newborn to Church

After your baby is born, friends and family are anxious to see the baby-- and that includes your church family. When you attend yo...

Infant Creative Arts & Exploration Activities for the Spring

This spring, get creative and explore with your infant through art. Infants are curious about the world around them and will go to...

My Newborn Will Not Stop Crying at Night

A newborn crying throughout the night is alarming, exhausting and frustrating for parents. Most babies will stop crying if you co...

When Can You Clip a Newborn's Nails?

A newborn baby’s nails grow continuously. Fingernails, which grow about 0.1 mm every day, grow faster in children, in males ...

Painful Bowel Movements in Newborns

Newborn’s bowel habits vary from baby to baby. However, painful bowel movements can affect any baby, disrupting her daily sc...

Signs of Blindness in Newborns

A newborn's eyes are not fully developed, according to Lawrence M. Kaufman, M.D., Ph.D. at the University of Illinois Medical Cent...

How to Check a Femoral Pulse in a Newborn

A routine examination of a newborn includes checking her femoral pulse, or feeling her heartbeat by pressing on the artery in her ...

When to Give a Newborn a Pacifier?

Trying to calm a fussy newborn is one of a new parent's greatest challenges. You may feed your baby, burp her, change her diaper a...

Is it OK for My Newborn to Strain?

Newborns frequently strain while having bowel movements, particularly in the first few weeks of life. It often takes babies severa...

At What Age Should You Start Tummy Time With a Newborn?

From the time your baby is born, a good habit to get into is to include some tummy time throughout the day. This entails placing h...
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