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Pacemakers and Other Devices

Pacemaker Warning Signs

Pacemaker warning signs can alert a pacemaker patient to the potential complications or failure of his cardiac device. Pacemakers ...

Exercises With a Pacemaker

If you've had a pacemaker implanted, you may be hesitant or cautious about resuming an exercise routine. You may be concerned abou...

What Are the Benefits of a Pacemaker?

The potential benefits of a pacemaker include normalized heart rhythm and improved quality of life. Physicians recommend pacemaker...

Heart Defibrillator Side Effects

A heart defibrillator controls the heart rhythm. It sends an electrical shock through the heart when it beats too quickly or becom...

Risks of Pacemaker Surgery for an Elderly Person

If an abnormal heartbeat has begun to interfere with your daily activities, your doctor may recommend a pacemaker. Pacemakers are ...
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