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Soil Pollution Types

Soil pollution includes any chemicals or contaminants that harm plant or animal species. These pollutants decrease soil quality, d...

Definition of Soil Pollution

Pollution comes in many forms, and one form of pollution can often increase other forms, such as when rain washes solid waste off ...

Is Your Home in an Air Pollution Danger Zone?

Most of us could survive for weeks without food and a few days without water, yet we spend hours debating over organic or conventi...

The Effects of Fertilizers & Pesticides

Fertilizers and pesticides both have definite pros and cons associated with their use. Both types of chemical tend to increase yie...

How Does Land Pollution Effect Your Health?

While air and water pollution may receive the bulk of the headlines, pollution of the land or soil is as serious a threat to the w...

Environmental Problems & Solutions

The planet faces a variety of troubling issues that stem from man-made contamination. Many of these lead to environmental problems...

The Effects of Soil Pollution on Humans

Soil pollution occurs when soil contains chemicals that are toxic or otherwise dangerous for humans and other living things. The c...

Future Effects of Pollution

Pollution occurs when chemicals and other foreign substances leech into the ground, air and water. These pollutants contain toxins...

The 50 U.S. Cities With the Best Air Quality

Air quality might not be top of mind when you head out for a hike or open the windows to catch a summer breeze, but it can have a ...

The 50 U.S. Cities With the Worst Air Quality

More than half of all Americans -- 166 million people -- live in places where they are exposed to unhealthy levels of year-round p...
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