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Advantages & Disadvantages of Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy is one of the many therapies available as of 2011 to battle cancer. Radiation therapy uses high-energy doses of ...

How Does Ultraviolet Light Affect Humans?

Ultraviolet light is sometimes referred to as ultraviolet radiation. It comes from wavelengths of light that are produced by the s...

The Effects of Radiation on DNA Mutations

The information contained in DNA is used by each cell to create the proteins needed for life, which support the cells of the body ...

Gamma Radiation Effects

Gamma radiation is a form of nuclear radiation produced by certain radioactive elements as they decay. In particular, gamma radiat...

Diet & Nutrition During Chemo & Radiation Therapy

When you’re coping with chemotherapy or radiation treatments, it helps to know that they are targeting cancer cells to pave ...

Side Effects of Cobalt Radiation

Cobalt is a nonradioactive metal found in nature from which radioactive isotopes can be produced by linear accelerators (for medic...

The Effects of Microwave Radiation

Microwave radiation is electromagnetic radiation that’s a specific type of radiofrequency radiation found in the high freque...

The Effects of Beta Radiation

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency explains that beta particles are used in the medical field for diagnosis, imaging and tre...
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