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Red Eyes

What Is Eye Rebounding?

When people have red, irritated eyes, they often take over-the-counter (OTC) eye drops for instant relief. While the drops can mak...

Red Bumps on the Side of the Nose Next to the Eye

Skin irritation occurs often, and in many cases, the cause is not immediately apparent. Outbreaks on the skin may relate to allerg...

Red Eyes After an Exercise

Strenuous exercise can make the whites of your eyes turn red. A number of factors can cause the appearance of red eyes, but in nea...

How to Reduce Eye Redness

Your eyes become red or bloodshot from the blood vessels on the surface of the eyes getting irritated and enlarged. Many factors c...

How to Cure Puffy Red Eyes in a Baby

Irritated, puffy eyes can be a sign that your baby is suffering from allergies. Many things can trigger an allergic reaction, incl...

Small Red Bumps Under the Eyes

Several skin conditions may cause the appearance of small red bumps under the eyes. Most of them are not serious, but if your unde...

How to Get Rid of Red, Puffy Eyes

Red, puffy eyes are uncomfortable to have and painful to look at. Sometimes the condition is accompanied by mild irritation, while...
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