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Rock Climbing

Tools Used for Mountain Climbing

Climbers are not known for eagerly conforming to rules or standards. Quite the opposite, in fact. One result of this approach to l...

The Best Rock Climbing Pants

Your clothing choices can make or break your rock-climbing experience, no matter where your adventure takes you. The best climbing...

How to Get Better at Crimp Climbing

Rock climbing helps improve your cardiovascular system and strengthen your muscles. Crimping is a climbing hold on a small but a p...

Muscles Worked During Rock Climbing

While some climbers prefer steep outdoor crags with tough-to-negotiate overhangs, other climbers prefer the relative safety of ind...

Rock Climbing Weight-to-Muscle Ratio

A skilled rock climber places as much weight as possible on his skeleton, engaging his muscles only when necessary to remain safe ...

How to Make Climbing Rope Leashes

If you enjoy rock climbing and dogs, then you may take pleasure in making a dog leash out of a climbing rope. A common way to recy...

Rock Climbing for Kids

Many kids today are reaching new heights by ascending climbing walls at school or by doing the real thing and scaling mountains wi...

Best Exercises to Increase Your Rock Climbing Endurance

Rock climbing seemingly draws on every kind of movement the human body is capable of, and requires strength, fitness, flexibility ...

How to Break in Climbing Shoes

Rock climbing shoes are probably unlike any other shoe that you have worn. Designed to fit tightly, they allow you to feel small h...

Places to Bungee Jump in Virginia

Virginia is for lovers, especially of the outdoors and extreme sports. From mile-high Mount Rogers, the highest peak in Virginia, ...
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