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How do I Save and Store Fresh Ginger?

Fresh ginger, common in Asian cooking, is a popular flavoring agent, particularly prized for purported antioxidant, gastrointestin...

How to Create a Budget for a Single Woman

Budgets are often described as a necessary evil. Few people enjoy tracking every purchase they make or refraining from buying a pr...

Alternatives to a Styrofoam Cup

Styrofoam cups are a convenient way to take a drink with you while on the go. However, according to Green Living Tips, a website d...

How to Clean a Disposable Razor

The cost of personal hygiene products, such as disposable razors, can leave you searching for ways to save money. How much you pay...

How Long Should You Keep Receipts & Bills?

Paperwork can pile up and lead to clutter and disorganization. Although it may be tempting to trash it all, that approach can lead...

How to Save Overcooked Pork

Few things are more frustrating than spending your hard-earned money on a pork roast or rack of ribs, only to have it come out of ...

How to Keep Almonds Fresh

Versatile and healthful, almonds are delicious eaten whole as snacks or as crunchy additions to breads, desserts, salads and cooke...

How to Keep Macadamia Nuts Fresh

Macadamia nuts, native to Australia, are grown primarily in Australia, Hawaii and southern California, as well as other tropical a...

How to Make Horse Jumps

If you enjoy riding horses, you know there are few things as thrilling as taking a jump. Made of wooden posts with a wood or plast...
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