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Setting Goals

How to Recommit to Your Goals

New goals can feel exciting at first, but it can be challenging later to meet those goals. Here are a few techniques to help you s...

How Acting Like an Old Person Actually Makes You Happier

A recent study revealed a linear relationship between aging and happiness. Here's some wisdom on how older behavior might be bette...

The Major Career Fail Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Survived and Overcame

People has just crowned the 2016 Sexiest Man Alive and for fitness lovers it’s a major victory. All hail, Dwayne “The Rock” ...

How to Get Yours in 2017, According to Danielle LaPorte

We talk to spiritual leader Danielle LaPorte on how to take on the challenge of launching a business all while being the happiest ...

6 Goals Most People Ignore That Make the Biggest Difference

If you usually give up on your resolutions before the end of January, spend more time making goals that you know you can achieve....

Interpersonal Conflict Handling Styles

Interpersonal conflict occurs in any setting where two or more people must work together, such as corporations, marriages, friends...

5 Steps to SMART Goal Setting

Setting goals will help you achieve your dreams. Goals play a significant role in success, and they provide a means to measure pro...

How to Set a New Balance HRT Step

The New Balance HRT Step is a wristwatch heart rate monitor that also functions as a pedometer. It can calculate what percentage o...

How Many Sets of Reps Should I Do When Working the Biceps?

Your biceps lie along the front of your arm and help to bend your elbow and raise your arm. Strengthening this muscle will increas...

Rajesh Durbal Proves the Power of Perseverance

Three years ago, Rajesh Durbal became the first triple amputee to complete the Hawaii Ironman in Kona, finishing the legendary tri...
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