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Sex Information

5 Great Ways Sex Benefits Your Body

If you need another reason to have sex (or you're curious about what's going on in your body), here are five ways having sex affec...

When Is It Safe to Have Sex Again?

Ironically, the question of when it's safe to have sex after giving birth can be awkward to ask, even of the doctor who was with y...

Have Scientists Solved the Mystery of the Female Orgasm?

A study concluded that the orgasm started in mammals about 150 years ago to help with ovulation or releasing the egg to be fertil...

4 Reasons Why Americans Are Having More Sex Than in the '80s

An infographic reveals that Americans have more casual sex and sexual partners than they did 30 years ago....

The Best Sex Positions for Every Penis Size

Regardless of your situation down there, there is a pleasurable sex position for you and your partner. ...

Having Sex May Improve a Woman's Memory in This Odd Way

A new study claims that there is a direct relationship between women having more sex and improved memory. ...

Sex Is the Only Workout That Engages Every Muscle in Your Body

Not only does sex burn lots of calories, but new research shows it is the only workout that engages every single muscle of the hum...

This 'Smart Condom' Tracks How Good You Are in the Sack

A new wearable device called the i.Con Smart Condom monitors all kinds of data related to your sex life and performance in the sac...

Jane Fonda Wears a Sex Toy as a Necklace, Because Why Not?

During an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Jane Fonda confessed to wearing a sex toy as jewelry, and even using it in public...

10 Ways to Have a Greener Sex Life

Sex is natural, but many things you bring into the bedroom may not be. Everything from the toys you use to the foods you work into...
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