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Signs of Labor

Signs of Labor in a Second Pregnancy

While nothing in life is certain, there's a good chance that your second labor will differ from your first in a number of ways. Bo...

Is Spotting a Sign of Labor?

Spotting towards the end of your pregnancy is a sign of labor. This spotting occurs when the mucous plug that protects the openin...

Are Heavy and Sore Breasts a Sign of Labor?

During pregnancy, women's breasts change dramatically, increasing in size and darkening slightly. They may look voluptuous and sex...

Is Fatigue a Sign of Labor?

As you near the end of your pregnancy, sick of aching back and swollen feet, you might wake up one morning with the strange desire...

Can Leaking Breasts Be a Sign of Preterm Labor?

At some point during pregnancy, your breasts will begin producing colostrum. Colostrum is a thick, yellowish liquid that will serv...

Is Indigestion a Sign of Labor?

Labor, otherwise known as childbirth or parturition, is the three-part period of gestation involving the birth of one or multiple ...
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