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Skin Allergy

Allergic Reactions to Silver Jewelry

Allergic reactions to silver jewelry can take years to develop because it takes time for the surface of the jewelry to tarnish. A ...

A Bird Allergy With a Skin Rash

Allergies to birds, usually triggered by exposure to feathers and droppings, can affect the eyes, skin and respiratory system. But...

Skin Rash Due to Food Allergy

A skin rash is a common symptom of a food allergy. Someone with a food allergy is more prone to develop hives, itchy skin and an e...

A Skin Rash on the Hands and Ankles from a Food Allergy

The most common skin rash from a food allergy that can appear on the hands and ankles is hives, according to MedlinePlus. Hives ar...

Can You Have an Allergy to Razors?

After using razors, some people break out, where the skin on the face or legs becomes irritated after shaving. In most cases, the ...

Never Eat These 3 Things If You've Ever Had Poison Oak or Poison Ivy

Many are aware of the reaction potential of poison oak, ivy and sumac, however, many don’t know that mangoes, cashews and ginkgo...
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