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How to Refinish the Bottom of a Snowboard

The bottom surface of a snowboard is just about the only thing that stands between a glorious ride down the mountain on your board...

Acrylic Snowboarding Socks vs Wool Socks

Sports and outdoor activities can be tough on your body, especially your feet. Add harsh environmental elements such as slush and ...

Top-rated Snowboard Helmets

Helmet usage is growing among skiers and snowboarders, and some ski resorts insist on their use for children. It's a vital piece o...

The Best Snowboard Headphones

Pumping up the jams when you're carving on your favorite slopes isn't just about entertainment. In fact, scientists have found tha...

How To Break in Your Snowboard Boots

Breaking in snowboard boots is an essential part of a safe and successful experience on the snow. Once you choose the appropriate ...

The Best Exercises for Snowboarding

While the emphasis of exercises for snowboarding should be on building strength and power, pay attention to improving your flexibi...

Difference Between Freeride and Freestyle Snowboards

Snowboards evolved from a child's toy, the Snurfer, invented in 1965 by Sherman Poppen. In 1977, Jake Burton, who used a Snurf...

The Advantages of Rocker and Camber Snowboards

The snowboard comes in many shapes to accommodate numerous riding styles. Rocker and camber are two distinct types of snowboard sh...

Flexible vs. Stiff Snowboard

Snowboards vary widely in flexibility, or flex as it’s known by snowboard manufacturers and vendors. There is no one degree ...

Snowboarding Tips for Sore Muscles

Snowboarding, an exciting, fast-paced extreme snow sport, demands a lot from your body. You must simultaneously know how to balanc...
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