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ASA Softball Base Path Distance Rules

In Amateur Softball Association games, the base path distance varies depending on your age, sex and also the type of game -- fastp...

ASA Fastpitch Softball Rules

The Amateur Softball Association determines the rules for fastpitch softball in the United States. These rules ensure consistency ...

Ways to Throw a Drop Ball in Softball

Throwing a drop pitch is essential in fast-pitch softball. Pitchers tend to dominate fast-pitch softball because they have an arra...

Why Am I Getting Under the Ball When I Hit a Softball?

Hitting the ball consistently in a slow-pitch softball leagues may not satisfy you. While hitting line drives to all fields will m...

Fastpitch Softball Catcher Drills

Some may argue this point, but the catcher might just have the most dynamic position on a softball team. She has more jobs than an...

Drills to Increase Pitching Speed in Fastpitch Softball

You have several options if you want to improve your softball pitching speed. Strengthening your body is one obvious method, but i...

10U Softball Pitching Rules

Softball rules for pitchers in 10-and-under, or 10U, leagues reflect the fact that players are relatively new to pitching at this ...

Lefty Slapping Softball Drills

Successful softball teams usually have a left-handed slapper, or batter, in their lineup. A lefty slapper can put a great deal of ...

Speed & Agility Drills for Softball

Improving your speed and agility can make a significant improvement in your softball performance. You’ll be able to pick up ...

Men's Slow-pitch Softball Practice Drills

Slow-pitch softball is taken seriously by its players. Playing well means improving on your skills and even learning a few new one...
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