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Teen Behavior

Teen Boot Camps Near Battle Creek, Michigan

If your teen is having problems with authority, you may want to consider enrolling him in a boot camp. Along with improving discip...

What Are the Causes of Teenagers' Lack of Moral Values & Self-Discipline?

Even the most principled and dedicated parents sometimes find that their teenagers do not display appropriate moral values and sel...

Boot Camps in Ohio for Teens

Boot camps borrow training procedures and discipline rules from the armed forces, including the use of hard labor and military-sty...

The Best Dirt Bikes for a New Teen Rider

Dirt bikes are motorized bikes designed to be ridden on dirt instead of on streets, instantly recognizable by their knobby tires. ...

Techniques for Teens to Help With Self-Control

For a teenager with typical hormonal fluctuations, insecurities and new life experiences, showing restraint at all times presents ...

What are the Effects of School Violence on Families?

School violence is a traumatic occurrence that touches students, teachers, parents and society at large. When violence occurs in y...

Oppositional Defiant Behavior in Teens

A degree of opposition to authority is developmentally appropriate in the teen years. This is the age at which young people establ...

Wilderness Camps in California for Defiant Teens

Sending your teenager to a wilderness camp can be intimidating to you and your teen. Most teens will resist the idea strongly. Com...

How to Reduce Unsafe Practices & Promote Healthy Lifestyle Behaviors Among Teenagers

If you are the parent of a teenager or a professional who works with teenagers, you know how challenging those adolescent years ca...

How Much Do Friends Affect Teen Behavior?

As a child reaches her teens, you might find her experimenting with new things and behaving differently. Much of this behavior com...
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