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Toddler Behavior

How to Discipline an 18-Month-Old

How to Discipline an 18-Month-Old . An 18-month-old falls into the toddler age group, so you can expect abundant energy and curios...

2-Year-Olds and Temper Tantrums

Stomping, kicking, biting, scratching, pinching, screaming and throwing are all characteristics of a two-year-old’s temper t...

Toddler Behavior After a New Baby Arrives

Your toddler may act out, have extra tantrums and cling to you more than usual when you spend time with your new baby. You have to...

Proof That Toddlers and Dogs Really Are Alike

Dogs and toddlers have more in common, when it comes to social skills, than toddlers and chimpanzees....

Signs of Anxiety in Toddlers

Even toddlers can show signs of anxiety in response to difficult situations. Fear is a common trigger for anxiety in young childre...

How to Handle a 15-Months-Old's Toddler Temper Tantrums

How to Handle a 15-Months-Old's Toddler Temper Tantrums . Although many parents fear the “terrible twos,” tantrums oft...

Why Do Toddlers Laugh When Disciplined?

Up until now, your child has spent a lot of time being coddled and held and taught. Now that she’s 2 years old, she’s ...

How to Slow Down a Hyper 2-Year-Old

Toddlers are naturally curious and energetic, often much to their parent's chagrin. Your 2-year-old's whirlwind personalit...

Acting Out Behavior in a Three-Year-Old

While acting-out behaviors are common in most 3-year-old children, a calm, quick parental response discourages negative behaviors....

How to Get a Toddler to Stop Pinching

When your toddler’s reaction to anger involves lashing out and hurting others, you may wonder why this behavior developed. I...
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