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Toddlers Health

How to Stop a Toddler's Cough

If your toddler's coughing is accompanied by a runny nose, low fever, headache or a feeling of general malaise, she may have t...

Rosacea Rash In Babies

A rosea rash, also called pityriasis rosea, is a common, mild skin condition that causes the epidermis to become inflamed and scal...

Fever, Coughing, Loss of Appetite, Irritability & Rashes in an Infant

If your infant experiences a fever, coughing, loss of appetite, irritability and a rash, several different conditions could be to ...

Rash Behind the Ears in Infants

A rash that appears anywhere on the body of a tiny infant can be distressing. However, a rash that appears behind the ears of a ba...

Infant Face Rashes Due to Formula Allergies

A rash on your baby's face might cause you to worry about her health. A formula allergy can result in facial rashes and, according...

An Infant's Rash on the Feet

A rash on your infant’s foot often is caused by hand, foot and mouth disease. HFMD is common viral illness that is spread ea...

My Toddler Has Had a Cough for a Month

A persistent cough lasts for more than three weeks, according to the Mayo Clinic, and requires a proper diagnosis to resolve. Seve...

Toddler's Morning Cough

Dry, hacking, raspy or heavy with phlegm, a toddler’s morning cough might be nothing more than a temporary annoyance, but it...

A Mouth Rash in an Infant

Rashes around and in an infant's mouth can have several causes. The most common cause of a mouth rash in infants is oral thrus...

Grapes for Toddlers During Cold & Cough

When a common cold or a virus-fed cough lays your toddler low, it’s frustrating to known that antibiotics or other prescribe...
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