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Water Polo

Water Polo Leg Strength

Water polo is a team sport that involves great physical movement during the game. Each player needs to swim constantly while also ...

Water Polo Drills for Beginners

Water polo is a demanding team sport that involves throwing and catching a ball while alternating between treading water and short...

5 Tips to Improve Your Water Polo Playing

Water polo works every major muscle in your body. From kicking your legs to stay upright to surging through the water using your u...

Water Polo Workouts

To perform at your best in water polo, you need to be an effective multitasker--you're not only battling your opponents, but also ...

What Equipment Is Needed to Play Water Polo?

The sport of water polo is an old descendant of rugby. In its early existence, it was played in lakes and rivers in England. Goals...

How Many Calories Does Water Polo Burn?

Water polo looks graceful above water, but under the surface, it is demanding. You kick continuously to stay afloat and propel you...
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