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Nutritional Content of Red Yams

Often mistaken for sweet potatoes, the red yam has a number of uses. You can eat them roasted or incorporate them into soups and c...

The Nutritional Benefits of Yams

Yams, often confused with sweet potatoes, are a tuber native to Africa and Asia. They vary in size, and are generally cylindrical ...

Protein in Yams

Yams are an important food crop in many countries. The most common crop in Africa is celebrated at the Yam Festival where yams are...

How to Cook Yams on the Grill

Sweet, tender yams aren't just for Thanksgiving. You don't need a large family gathering to enjoy them; they cook up in mi...

Are Yams Good for You?

Yams can be found in any grocery store and at many farmer's markets. They grow in the ground and can be found for sale year round....
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