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The Best Face Creams for Women

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The Best Face Creams for Women
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As a woman, you have different skin care needs than those of a man. Your skin can sometimes be drier, especially if you have mature skin, and you typically need a cream that doesn't feel so heavy that it prevents the normal use of makeup. For the best face cream that moisturizes, protects and repairs your skin, choose a product that's been tested by skin care experts.

Lancome Absolue Eye Premium Bx Eye Replenishing Cream

Lancome's face cream is designed for the thin skin near your eyes and is formulated to potentially help counteract the various skin changes that occur during and after menopause. Skin care expert Paula Begoun says its active ingredient, glycosaminoglycans-boosting Pro-Xylane, can help improve skin health. She also notes that it includes other beneficial ingredients, like sea algae and soy extract.

Perlier Extreme Age Defying Line Reducing Moisture Eye Cream

Perlier's cream earned top marks from the editors of "Women's Health" magazine. They say it can help lift your eye area and reduce the appearance of fine lines. Active ingredients include peptides, natural moisturizers like mineral oil and sunflower seed oil, rice extract, and silicone. The latter can instantly soften wrinkles by filling them in.

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Mary Kay TimeWise Day Solution Sunscreen SPF 25

Mary Kay's sunscreen is one of the company's best facial creams, according to Begoun, who called it "impressive." Begoun loved the way it dried to a smooth finish and that it can be worn comfortably under your cosmetics. While it moisturizes your skin, the cream helps enhance skin repair with antioxidants, while zinc oxide helps to defend and protect the skin against the sun.

Neutrogena Rapid Clear Acne Defense Face Lotion

Salicylic acid doesn't just help treat acne, but it also enhances your complexion by getting rid of dead skin cells that may dull your complexion or make your makeup go on less smoothly. Treat it with Neutrogena's cream, which performed well, according to Begoun's testing. She loved its lightweight feel and said it's prime for dry to normal skin.

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