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Disturbing Effects of Social Media on Eating Disorders

February 22-28 is National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, which aims to raise public awareness of disordered eating and encourag...

Saturated Fats: Friend or Foe?

Want to lose weight and improve your health? More healthy fat may help. While fat, specifically saturated fat, has been blamed for...

Go Green With These 3 Easy Plant-Based Recipes

Making sure your daily nutrition is top-notch can be daunting, but with these nutrient-dense recipes, you'll be sure to keep the a...

Rock Easy, Stylish Braids at the Gym

When you’re working out, there's nothing more annoying than having to stop mid-set to fix your hair. Braids are an easy hairstyl...

"A Widow-Maker Heart Attack Changed My Life"

At the age of 42, I suffered a near-fatal heart attack. A "widow maker," they call the type of attack I experienced, because only ...

The Top 12 Energy Bars for Every Occasion (Post-Workout, Gluten-Free and More)

It’s probably no surprise that in the quest for an ideal diet, real food is better than a protein or energy bar. “I al...

How to Stock a Gluten-Free Kitchen

From small artisanal producers to supermarket giants, everybody and their brother is trying to sell you gluten-free products. Some...

These 12 Moves Will Get You Washboard Abs - We Show You How!

Strong abs not only look great, but they also help you perform better at sports, lift more weight in the gym, maintain good postur...

The “Eat a Whole Pizza” Workout

No, you can't out-train a bad diet. But if you've ever wanted to eat a whole pizza and feel totally justified about it, this worko...

Unsolicited Fitness Advice to Ignore...or Not

If you’re just starting an exercise program, you’re bound to hear a lot of unsolicited advice from well-meaning people...
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