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15 Burpee Variations That Will Kick Your Butt

Trendy exercises come and go. Some have been around, and will stay around, because they’ve proven themselves effective when ...

3 Fresh & Fruity Treats That Are Packed With Nutrients

Whether you're looking to shape up for summer or simply fuel your body with good nutrition, this is a great time of year to turn t...

A Quick Workout to Tone & Tighten Your Triceps

Warm weather is approaching and that means bikinis, tank tops and strapless dresses. Which also means all those body parts that ha...

Get the Broom Out: How to Spring-Clean Your Diet

Spring usually means tackling cluttered closets and drawers, but this is also a great time of year to "spring clean" your diet as ...

7 Things Everyone Should Know About Sunscreen

What many people don't realize is that one of the best anti-aging beauty secrets costs very little and is available at your local ...

11 of the Best Video Workouts You Can Do Anywhere

No gym? No problem. Pop in one of these DVDs, fire up one of these apps or stream YouTube videos in your living room for a great w...

What Your Love of Spicy Foods Says About You

Spiciness is actually not a taste or flavor -- it's your body sensing the presence of certain chemicals, also called chemesthesis....

How Randall S. Lost 100 Pounds

I didn't feel bad about myself when I was overweight until I saw a picture of myself in a Friar Tuck costume for the Renaissance F...

A 10-Minute Workout to Melt That Muffin Top

I love a good muffin with my coffee, but I don’t love that muffin that sits on top of the waistband of my pants. You know what I...

9 No-Cook Dinner Entrees for Spring

In springtime there’s often extra pep in your step, especially if you had an unpleasant winter. The same applies for seasona...
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