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51 Healthy Holiday Gifts You'll Want to Give and Receive

If you’re anything like us, health and fitness are gifts that you want to share with your family and friends all year round....

What Is SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) & Is It Real?

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a mood disorder in which people experience depression during the winter months. ...

10 Daily Habits to Increase Your Productivity

A typical chaotic day may have you ping-ponging from meeting to meeting, from your phone to your computer and back again, leaving ...

9 Healthy Hummus Dips Worth Making Yourself

Creamy and spreadable, this Middle Eastern dish is a favorite tableside dip for good reason: It’s one of the few that both t...

8 Surprising Ways Your Social Life Impacts Your Health

Call your mother; it’s good for you. Really! A 2012 study published in the journal Social Science and Medicine found that th...

How to Deal With Your Family During the Holidays

Tips on how to deal with your difficult family members during the holidays from therapists and psychologists....

Keep Your Brain Sharp With the New MIND Diet

Is cognitive decline an inevitable part of aging? Maybe not. New research shows that a novel eating pattern can significantly sl...

The 9 Best Thanksgiving Recipes

With the average diner enjoying more than a whopping 5,000 calories on Thanksgiving day, you might be wondering how you can enjoy ...

Is Bulletproof Coffee a Bad Idea?

Move over, coffee snobs. Here come the coffee hackers. And they're bringing Bulletproof Coffee. Bulletproof Coffee is a newish, pi...

Should You Work Out When You’re Sick?

It's sick season. When you have a cold or flu, should you "sweat it out" at the gym or sit out a few sessions?...
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