conceptual illustration depicting hand saying 'no' to green bottle of artificial tears
Custom mixed media image showing hand with bowl of colorful salad
conceptual illustration of man holding a plank
Custom graphic showing hand holding cupcake
photo of woman doing squat exercise on blue background
A black and white hand reaching for a water bottle, representing the effects of dehydration
Graphic showing a man doing push-ups
illustration of a wrist with a fitness tracker showing 5K or 3.1 miles completed
Custom graphic showing vitamin D bottle, hands and sun
Mixed media graphic of wine poured into glass
Illustration of stress, including a hand squeezing a stress ball on a green and yellow background
Illustration of a person with poor posture to demonstrate the importance of good posture
An empty bed on a dark blue background, with illustrations that represent not getting enough sleep
Hand refusing a dumbbell; person who doesn't exercise concept
Illustration concept of a person's hand saying no to sugary foods like chocolate, candy and cupcakes
Illustration concept of a person consuming caffeine from coffee, tea, energy drinks and other sources
Illustration of what happens to your body when you start exercising
Mixed media graphic showing hand rejecting meat products
Blue and yellow illustration of the effects of added sugar on the body
A person's feet on a bathroom scale, with illustrations of what happens when you lose 10 pounds
Hand rejecting martini with olives mixed media image
Hand holding eating utensil clock with food in background
Pouring can of soda into trashcan
Yo-yo diet concept on a yellow background
Hand up against bagels