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collage of gifts for people with cancer

13 of the Best Gifts for People With Cancer

An oncologist and people with cancer recommend the best gifts for people with cancer, including breast cancer gifts and what to include in chemo care packages.
athlete doing plank at home to strengthen wear pelvic floor

Why Your Pelvic Floor Weakens as You Age, and What to Do About It

We spoke to pelvic floor physical therapists to understand what causes a weak pelvic floor over time and what you can do to prevent it and strengthen this area.
close up of fresh figs

Why Figs Are the Underrated Fruit You Should Eat More Of

Read all about fig nutrition including their calories, macronutrients, micrnonutrients, glycemic index, as well as Calimyrna figs' benefits and nutrition.
athlete foam rolling a tight it band

IT Band Pain? Don't Roll It. Do This Instead

When it comes to preventing IT band pain, if you’re relying on foam rolling your IT band, here's why you should stop — and what you should do instead.

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closeup of a fit Asian man in a blue shirt and hat doing the dumbbell skull crushers exercise on an exercise bench
How to Do Skull Crushers for Strong, Sculpted Triceps
Woman Smells Aromatherapy Essential Oil, as part of smell training to recover from COVID-19 loss of smell
Can 'Smell Training' Help You Regain Your Sense of Smell After COVID?
Omega-3-rich grilled salmon with mango-avocado salsa on a white plate
Omega-3s: The Anti-Inflammatory Nutrient Dietitians Want You to Eat More
woman doing dumbbell workout a half-kneeling position on a blue mat
This 20-Minute Arms and Abs Workout Protects Your Back, Thanks to One Simple Tweak
Man holding plank with proper form.
5 Plank Mistakes That Make the Move Ineffective (and Potentially Painful)
Close shot of hands holding a white mug of hot ginger tea with lemon to debloat fast
8 Things Digestive Health Experts Do When They’re Bloated
Colorful candies in oval white containers and scattered on wooden table
Candy Nutrition: The Ultimate Guide
collage of some of the best sleep masks
The 7 Best Sleep Masks of 2021, According to Sleep Experts
A plate of steak over salad, as a natural remedy for canker sores
The 7 Best Natural Remedies for Canker Sores, and 2 to Skip
woman doing a single-dumbbell lunge in her living room
A 20-Minute Workout to Sculpt Your Butt and Strengthen Your Legs With a Single Dumbbell
Stewed gluten-free beans or borlotti in tomato sauce with herbs close-up in a bowl. horizontal top view from above
Are All Beans Gluten-Free?
couple eating peanut butter toast in bed, as an example of foods that make you keep getting cavities
6 Reasons You're Still Getting Cavities Even Though You Brush and Floss
collage of the best ankle weights of 2021 isolated on a teal background
The 10 Best Ankle Weights for a Lower-Body Burn, According to Trainers
collage of the best waterproof running shoes of 2021 isolated on a blue background
The 10 Best Waterproof Running Shoes, According to Athletes and Trainers
woman working at home and rubbing her eyes because she can't focus
Here's Why You Feel So Unfocused Sometimes (and How to Fix It)
grandmother and baby grandson playing with building blocks on the floor
The 6 Best Get-Up Exercises to Help You More Easily Stand Up From the Floor
Older man running up steps, as a natural remedy for enlarged prostate
6 Natural Remedies for an Enlarged Prostate, and 3 to Skip
Close-up portrait of a woman at the gym laughing and doing fun exercises
5 Fun Exercises That Will Make Your Workouts Feel Like Play
person sitting on a grey couch talking to therapist
Your Step-by-Step Guide to Finding the Right Therapist
Mature woman practicing yoga in Warrior 2 pose at home
Falls Are Increasing in Older Adults. Here Are 5 Ways to Prevent Them
internal and external shoulder rotation exercises
How to Do Internal and External Shoulder Rotations for Healthy Shoulders
Ham and Cheese Sandwich on Whole Grain Bread
Why a Dietitian Wants You to Eat Less Deli Meat
Woman Doing a Wall Sit Isometric Leg Exercise at the Gym
A 10-Minute Isometric Leg Workout for a Slow-but-Serious Burn
top view of a bowl of avocado and citrus fruit, as an example of food to eat to help a hangover
The 10 Best Hangover Cures (and 2 to Avoid)


  • illustration of foods high in healthy fat
  • illustration of person doing inner thigh workout
  • older adult doing squat for lower-body exercise
  • graphic listing many types of exercise with text instructing reader to choose only two favorites
  • graphic detailing the 15x15x15 formula for a more productive morning
  • graphic with text reading you are only human