Healthy breakfast or lunch at home or cafe with fried egg, avocado, toasts, beans and fresh spinach on a wooden table.

The 9 Essential Amino Acids and Why Your Body Needs Them

Protein is made up of amino acids, which include 9 essential amino acids. Find out which complete protein foods — both animal and plant-based — to eat.
Woman sitting on the sofa feeling full and bloated after eating

5 Reasons You Always Feel Bloated After Eating

Feeling full and bloated after eating is common every now and then, but always feeling gassy and uncomfortable after a meal could be a sign of a serious issue.
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woman demonstrating the dead bug exercise
Chocolate protein balls for healthy snack.
Runner doing a hip stretch outside
Man in a gym, training on an assault bike
A young woman drinking a smoothie after a workout
A person's feet on a bathroom scale, with illustrations of what happens when you lose 10 pounds
Woman exercising working out triceps and biceps doing dips
Image of a young woman biting a chocolate bar
Private yoga lesson of a personal trainer in a yoga studio
woman demonstrating a basic bridge exercise
Rice Krispies in a bowl
Healthy food clean eating selection
Senior couple in gym working out using kettlebells
Woman performing triceps dips.
Man doing lunge exercise outdoors to build lower-body strength
woman doing an overhead barbell squat in the gym as part of a superset workout
Justin Simpson after losing 95 pounds
Top view of a watermelon and tomato salad
Homemade peanut butter cups on a rustic table for healthy chocolate desserts
woman using mini resistance band for butt exercises outside
Young African American man doing push up in city park
A brunette woman eating foods to lose weight at home
Breakfast with eggs, avocado, bread and tomatoes for healthy fats
Side view of woman in sportswear with resistance bands training weak glutes


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