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close up of frozen dessert

10 Tasty Frozen Desserts, Picked by a Dietitian

These dietitian-picked healthy ice cream and frozen desserts are all tasty and satisfying. They clock in under 200 calories and 15 grams of sugar per serving.
person blowing nose outside after sneezing after exercise

Sneezing After Exercise? Here's What Your Body's Trying to Tell You

Sneezing after a workout could be caused by exercise-induced rhinitis, allergies or something called a photic sneeze reflex. Here's how to stop the achoos.
brazil nuts in wooden bowl

20 Foods High in Selenium for Thyroid Health

The top foods high in selenium are both plant- and animal-based and include Brazil nuts, oysters and fish as well as some vegetables such as mushrooms.
runner outside in tank top with headphones

6 Things You Should Never Do Before a Run

From eating fiber to static stretching, there are a few common pre-run mistakes that could be hurting your workouts. Here are six things to avoid before a run.

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Are Sesame Seeds Good for You? Nutrition, Benefits, Risks and Recipes
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4 Breakfast Hacks That Help Banish Sugar Cravings
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The 5 Best Bike Locks and How to Find the Perfect One for You
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Can't Climb a Rope? What Your Body Is Telling You


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