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illustration of adding sugar to coffee

How Bad Is It Really to Add Sugar to Your Coffee?

If you regularly put sugar in coffee, here's what that means for you. Your morning cup could be a regular source of sugar if you use it to sweeten your coffee.
collage of best white noise machines for sleep

The 6 Best White Noise Machines, According to a Sleep Expert

These are the best sound machines for sleep, including the best earbuds, best alarm clock and best overall white noise machine to help you get better rest.
lower body of athlete doing step up exercise on box in gym

How to Do Step-Ups for Strong, Sculpted Glutes and Thighs

The step-up exercise works muscles including the glutes, quads and hamstrings, if you're doing it the right way. Here's how to do step-ups for the greatest gains.
collage of best frozen breakfasts

The 14 Best Frozen Breakfast Foods for Healthy Mornings

The best frozen breakfast foods are healthy because they're low in sodium and sugar and high in protein and fiber. Check out our dietitian-approved picks.

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hand cutting slice of whole grain seeded bread
The 9 Best and Worst Breads, According to Dietitians
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Palms Always Sweaty? Here's What Your Body's Trying to Tell You
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This Is Why You Sneeze So Many Times in a Row
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The 10 Best Store-Bought Spaghetti Sauces
Man holding plank with proper form.
5 Plank Mistakes That Make the Move Ineffective (and Potentially Painful)
hispanic woman wearing purple doing dumbbell lunges, one of the best exercises to get lean after 40, outside
The Only 7 Exercises Women Need to Get Lean in Their 40s
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This Is Why You Always Have Those Dry, Crusty Boogers
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The Only 8 Exercises Men Need to Get Lean
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Want to Age Well? Do This One Stretch Every Morning Before Getting Out of Bed
Crepes with arugula and farmer cheese viewed from above
The One Type of Cheese Dietitians Want You to Eat More Often
person with a headache in their temples
6 Headache Locations and What They Mean
Woman with diabetes lifting weights at home
Everything You Need to Know About Weightlifting and Diabetes
illustration showing dish soap next to dirty sponge
How Bad Is It Really to Never Replace Your Kitchen Sponge?
illustration of a person doing the kettlebell windmill exercise on a teal background
How to Do the Windmill Exercise for Next-Level Core and Shoulder Strength
a man in bed with a pillow around his ears to drown out his wife's snoring, which is a sign of sleep apnea
6 Signs You Might Have Sleep Apnea
woman doing the best at-home core workout at home
The Only At-Home Core Workout You'll Ever Need, No Gear Required
Rear view of elderly woman stretching in bedroom, experience mobility loss
Why Your Mobility Worsens As You Age, and What to Do About It
Woman applying cold sore cream on lips in front of mirror, as a cold sore remedy
The 6 Best Cold Sore Remedies, and 7 to Avoid
back view of woman doing back squats in a gym
How to Do Barbell Squats for Strong Legs and Glutes
collage of 3 best healthy vegan snacks on green background
The 25 Best Vegan Snacks, According to Dietitians
a collage of some of the best natural toothpastes
The 6 Best Natural Toothpastes, According to Dentists
a woman wearing a mask while shopping for produce, to help prevent getting flurona
What Is Flurona, and How Worried Should We Really Be?
woman sitting on kitchen counter eating yogurt to prevent BV infection
What Causes Bacterial Vaginosis and How to Treat It
pouring coffee into latte
3 Reasons Why Coffee Might Cause Acne, and What to Do About It


  • illustration of foods high in healthy fat
  • illustration of person doing inner thigh workout
  • older adult doing squat for lower-body exercise
  • graphic listing many types of exercise with text instructing reader to choose only two favorites
  • graphic detailing the 15x15x15 formula for a more productive morning
  • graphic with text reading you are only human