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Pina Colada Cocktail

How to Make a Whipped Pineapple Margarita — and 3 More Whipped Drinks You'll Love

Dalgona coffee is the trend of the moment, but it doesn't end with java. Here's how to make a zero-sugar version as well as whipped matcha, cocktails and milk.
Young Woman and man sitting 6 feet apart, wearing masks and gloves.

What Is Herd Immunity, Anyway?

Herd immunity is when a significant portion of the population is immune to a specific disease. It can help stop the spread of infectious diseases like COVID-19.
Woman jumping rope with good form to avoid back pain.

Jumping Rope Causing You Back Pain? Avoid These 5 Mistakes

Although jumping rope is a great cardio exercise, it can cause back pain if done improperly. Protect your back and avoid making these five common mistakes.
A woman using a microwave oven

Frozen Dinners Can Make for a Healthy Meal — as Long as You Choose the Right One

Frozen dinners come in handy when you're not in the mood to cook. That's why a dietitian shares ingredients to look out for and the best frozen meals to buy.
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Brianna Caceres after losing 100 pounds
Custom graphic showing blueberries nutrition.
Happy older couple on a diabetes diet making healthy smoothies at home
Mobility Training: Fit Blonde Woman Doing a Dynamic Exercise Outdoors
Woman doing a live-streaming workout on her deck with her dogs
woman doing incline push-ups outdoors on a bench as part of a full-body workout
A man pouring a bottle of vitamin d supplements into his hand
Mixed media image of a grieving woman writing in a journal
Pressure Cooker
an asian mid adult woman workout yoga at home balcony during the restricted movement order in malaysia
Woman exercising with workout program.
Woman doing a dumbbell biceps curl outside
man sitting on couch tying shoes before beginner full-body worokut
Indian dhal in  cooking pan with jasmine rice, coriander and whole grain flatbread on dark background, top view. Flat lay. Healthy vegetarian food
Young woman hula hooping outdoors
woman doing isometric side planks outside
A man starting a vegan diet by eating a vegan meal at home
Woman performing push-ups.
Strong sportsman stretching out his hamstring with leg up
Marshmallow skewers on the wooden board
Custom graphic showing sausage nutrition.
Woman doing dance workout.
Custom graphic showing hand sprinkling seeds over hearty salad.
Portrait of young woman wearing protective face mask outdoors in city, waiting for the train.


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