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Woman training indoors doing side lunges working out legs, hips and buttocks

A 20-Minute Workout for Sculpted Legs, No Lunges Necessary

When you think of leg exercises, one of the first ones you probably think of is lunges. But if you can't (or don't want to) do them, don't fret! Try this workout with zero lunges.
Woman Enjoy Eating Sweet Food In Kitchen

8 Easy Things to Do Every Night to Lose More Weight

Nighttime eating often leads to unhealthy food selections or larger-than-recommended portions. Try these strategies to keep your weight-loss goals on track.
Fit young Black woman working out with dumbbells

The Only 3 Dumbbell Exercises You Need for a Full-Body Workout

To maximize your time while also sculpting lean muscle head to toe, incorporate these full-body dumbbell exercises into your next strength-training session.
Healthy eating habits

10 Foods Under 10 Calories You Should Be Eating More Of

Many low-calorie foods have a lot of nutritional value and can make up a rich and balanced diet. Add these foods under 10 calories to your healthy eating plan.

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Vegan lunch. Chocolate smoothie bowl, Buddha bowl with tofu, chickpeas and quinoa, lentil soup and toasts on a gray background.
woman comforting friend coping with breast cancer
Black man sprinting outside on blue track
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Spring salad of lentils with poached egg
Staff meeting in office with social distancing
Woman wearing headphones and doing an ab workout in the park.
Cup of mint tea
Woman doing deadlifts in front of her garage.
Woman doing weighted lunges with barbell on back.
Man holding toilet paper roll in bathroom
Woman preparing Caprese salad on chopping board
Young athletic man doing side plank
Frozen pork neck chops meat and pork schnitzel in a plate
Woman relaxing after work by drinking wine in the kitchen.
Woman wiping sweat on face after towel workout.
cropped view of girl in apron making homemade cheeseburgers on baking paper on wooden tabletop
mature black woman alone at home
Home exercising#stay at home
Young female athlete performs ab crunches outdoors
Uncooked whole spelt in a bowl with a wooden spoon
Couple toasting with red wine in cafe
Red, white and blue smoothie
woman doing stretching exercises outside with headphones


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