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Woman holding smoothie bowl

These 6 Smoothie Bowl Recipes All Clock in Under 400 Calories

Smoothie bowls can be super healthy, and aid in weight loss, if they're done right. Here are six recipes to help you get started.
Sick woman with fever checking her temperature in bed

The Ultimate Guide to Recovering From COVID-19

Find out what to expect if you're diagnosed with COVID-19, from symptoms to treatment, plus potential long-term effects after recovering from the coronavirus.
Father and son, home exercising

5 Mistakes Ruining Your At-Home Workouts — and How to Fix Them

Although it may seem easier than exercising at the gym, working out at home should be taken just as seriously. Avoid these five at-home workout mistakes.
marble cake swirl in chocolate and vanilla

7 Creative (and Tasty) Ways to Eat Kale for When You’re Totally Over Salads

Not sure how to eat kale? These creative and tasty kale recipes and cooking ideas will have you eating more of the veggie in no time — no salad required.

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closeup of bowl with yogurt and spoon in female hands
Woman Doing Pigeon Pose on Her Yoga Mat at Home
sloppy joe sandwich with corn on the cob
Man holding plank with proper form.
Man doing proper side plank
Young woman with dumbbells doing exercise in bedroom indoors at home
Woman shopping at grocery store with phone
Spinach salad with grilled chicken fillet, avocado and walnuts
Man performing dumbbell fly
Fit woman working out with a jump rope at the park
overhead of cruciferous vegetables including broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage
Woman experiencing hip pain during squats on the beach
Cheese served with grapes, guacamole, honey, crackers and nuts on a light wooden background. Top view
photo of man in gym in front of treadmills doing lunges holding dumbbells
Matcha cappuccino with almond milk cup close-up background blurred.
still photo from at-home mobility workout video of Ingrid Clay performing a lunge on blue background
Couple Walking for Exercise Around Their Neighborhood
Quinoa with grilled Pumpkin and Beetroot salad by vinaigrette
Mother and son mix dough for bread
Close-up of oatmeal porridge with fresh blueberries for breakfast
Fresh natural homemade organic yogurt with berries
Young woman using tablet during workout at home
Fresh seafood Ceviche in bowl
Man doing an overhead triceps extension with resistance band against a brick wall


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