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Mother sending her girl to school wearing a facemask in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic

Your Step-by-Step Guide to Keeping Kids Safe as They Return to In-Person School

If your kids are returning to school, here are the social distancing tips to keep them safe, plus what supplies to provide and what to clean and disinfect.
Pumpkin Risotto Baked with Cheese in a Pumpkin

How to Turn a Can of Pumpkin Into a Week's Worth of Deliciously Savory Dishes

Forget pumpkin pie and try these savory pumpkin recipes, from risotto to soup, instead. You'll get all the benefits of canned pumpkin but without added sugar.
Man exercising with kettlebell outdoors. Athlete doing squats using kettlebells.

The Only 5 Kettlebell Exercises You Need for a Stronger Butt

One of the best ways to build your butt is through kettlebell training. Try these five expert-approved kettlebell exercises to ramp up your glute gains.
Close-Up Of Woman Eating Yogurt

9 Foods That Make You More Likely to Overeat — and What to Eat Instead

After eating many foods, you may feel hungrier than ever. Here are the worst foods for appetite control, and what experts recommend you eat in their place.

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Young woman getting flu shot at doctor's office
Pie with spinach and feta cheese
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Man holding plank with proper form.
Trader Joe's shakshuka starter
Adult Woman Training Body By Raising Legs Using Chair
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Pregnant African American woman practicing prenatal yoga at home
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Homemade Fried Pork Egg Rolls
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Female Athlete Exercising with Sliding Discs.
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Chickpea And Avocado Collard Green Tacos With Tahini Sauce collard greens recipes
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Homemade pasta bake
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Man and woman talk a walk together outside


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