Chocolate milk on a glass with red straw

Is Chocolate Milk the Ultimate Post-Workout Recovery Drink It's Chalked Up to Be?

Many people turn to chocolate milk after a workout, but doing so comes with downsides. Find out why you might not want to drink chocolate milk post-workout.
A person's feet on a bathroom scale, with illustrations of what happens when you lose 10 pounds

What Really Happens to Your Body When You Lose 10 Pounds

What happens when you lose 10 pounds? Quite a lot, as it turns out. Here are all the benefits of losing 10 pounds, from your appearance to your sleep quality.
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Couple making pause in an urban park during jogging or exercise drinking water
An unrecognizable woman eating chia seed pudding with raspberries and peaches in a glass jar
Diverse fitness class doing squats
Man taking his pulse to measure heart rate during exercising outside
Close up back view of motivated and focused strong muscular active healthy young bald man working pull ups in the modern gym.
Daniel Johns after losing 60 pounds with the help of intermittent fasting and running
Strong and Fit Woman Working Out in Gym
Strong handsome asian man exercising at the gym
woman demonstrating the dead bug exercise
Runner doing a hip stretch outside
Image of a young woman biting a chocolate bar
Private yoga lesson of a personal trainer in a yoga studio
woman demonstrating a basic bridge exercise
Mixed media graphic showing hand rejecting meat products
Women Doing Sit-Ups as Part of a Workout Class
Rice Krispies in a bowl
Healthy food clean eating selection
Senior couple in gym working out using kettlebells
Woman performing triceps dips.
Man doing lunge exercise outdoors to build lower-body strength
Woman eating seafood in restaurant
woman doing an overhead barbell squat in the gym as part of a superset workout
Healthy breakfast or lunch at home or cafe with fried egg, avocado, toasts, beans and fresh spinach on a wooden table.
Justin Simpson after losing 95 pounds


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