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A woman leaving a yoga studio with a nutrition shake in her hand
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Couple Doing Balance Exercises in a Gym as an example of an exercise that's safe for people with degenerative disc disease
Exercises to Avoid With a Degenerative Disc
a young adult coughs into their elbow
What to Know About Using a Humidifier for a Cough
a young adult wearing a white tank top with acid reflux sits up in bed and touches their chest
5 Ways to Manage Acid Reflux at Night for Better Sleep
Older man running up steps, as a natural remedy for enlarged prostate
6 Natural Remedies for an Enlarged Prostate, and 3 to Skip
an overhead photo of mixed nuts in a white bowl on a black background
4 Reasons for Stomach Pain After Eating Nuts and What to Do About It
an adult trying to cool down from having a hot flash
The 11 Best Natural Remedies for Hot Flashes, and 3 to Avoid
a person lying in bed under a yellow blanket after waking up nauseous
Waking Up Nauseous? Here's What Your Body Is Trying to Tell You
adult at home smiling and drinking a cup of tea, as a natural remedy for upset stomach
The 12 Best Natural Remedies for an Upset Stomach
adult doing tree pose as an example of a balance exercise, a natural remedy for vertigo
The 10 Best Natural Remedies for Vertigo
A young adult in the kitchen eating yogurt as a natural remedy for diarrhea
The 5 Best Natural Remedies for Diarrhea
pregnant person lying on a white couch in need of a natural remedy for nausea
The 16 Best Natural Remedies for Nausea
Smiling woman standing outside and drinking tea as a natural remedy for heachaches
The 18 Best Natural Remedies for Headaches and Migraines
collage of some of the best gifts for people with cancer
13 of the Best Gifts for People With Cancer
Close up of handle on a white toilet, with toilet paper on top
What the Smell of Your Poop Can Tell You About Your Gut Health
Young person sneezes among blooming trees.
Itchy Throat? Here's What Your Body's Trying to Tell You
Illustration of a hand holding a mug of coffee and another hand saying no to breakfast, to represent drinking coffee on an empty stomach
How Bad Is It Really to Drink Coffee on an Empty Stomach?

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