I Want to Manage My Weight

Whether your aim is to reach or maintain a healthy weight, these evidence-based programs will help you achieve your goal.

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Top down view of feet standing on a white digital bathroom scale on a wooden floor
How Many Pounds of Water Weight Can I Lose in a Week?
Weight Management
A close up of a healthy meal of quinoa, salad and chicken breast on a white plate for a weight-loss plan for men
Creating a Weight-Loss Plan for a 300-Pound Man
Weight Management
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How Many Calories Do You Burn in 12,000 Steps?
Weight Management
an overhead photo of a person eating a salad in a white bowl as a strategy for belly fat loss
On Average, How Long Does It Take to Lose Belly Fat?
Weight Management
a close up of a person following a soup diet holding a bowl of yellow soup
What Is a Soup Diet? Here's Everything You Need to Know
Weight Management
a close up of a person eating a leafy green salad with a side of water with lemon, to help them reach 2,000 calories per day.
A Healthy 2,000-Calorie Diet Plan for Any Weight Goal
Weight Management
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How to Read Ounces on a Digital Scale
Weight Management
Homemade Vanilla Muffin On A Scale
How to Weigh Your Food to Lose Weight
Weight Management
a close up of a person's feet on a white scale at home wonder why they're not losing weight
6 Reasons You're Not Losing Weight and How to Start Making Progress
Weight Management
a parent sits in an armchair breastfeeding a newborn
How to Lose Belly Fat Safely While Breastfeeding
Weight Management
Hummus with Vegetables
5 Late-Night Snacks for Weight Loss
Weight Management
a person with white hair and beard in pajamas stretching before they get out of bed, to represent morning habits for weight loss
Do These 7 Things Every Morning to Lose More Weight
Weight Management
a collage of some of the best weight-loss cookbooks including nourishing meals and the keto diet on a light orange and green background
The 15 Best Healthy Weight-Loss Cookbooks, According to Dietitians
Weight Management
A person in their 40s checking their fitness tracker and exercising to lose weight
The 5 Best Tips for Losing Weight in Your 40s
Weight Management
Image of four calorie-counter apps seen on phones on a yellow and orange background
The 6 Best Free Calorie-Counter Apps, According to Dietitians
Weight Management
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The 14 Best Weight-Loss Books to Read in 2024
Weight Management

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