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No matter your fitness background and level, these workouts and exercise guides will help you get (and stay) in great shape.

Woman using exercise band to lunge
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Side-by-side collage of the best smart home gyms on teal background
The 5 Best Smart Home Gyms to Upgrade Your Workout
Couple running in cold weather during winter with snow on the ground
The Benefits of Running in Cold Weather and How to Do It Safely
Two people wearing helmets while riding bikes at the park in zone 2 training
Zone 2 Training Can Boost Your Cardio Fitness — Here’s How to Do It
Person wearing a black T-shirt and black shorts doing a push-up in living room on exercise mat.
3 Reasons You Have Lower Back Pain From Push-Ups — and What to Do About It
a North Face parka, Saucony running shoes and Adidas sports bra on a dark background for REI's Cyber Week 2023 Sale
The 12 Best Pieces of Fitness Gear to Shop From REI’s Cyber Week Sale
man doing forearm plank for core workout for constipation with tablet at home
Struggling to Poop? Try These 3 Core Workouts to Get Things Moving
Yogi in Ardha Matsyendrasana pose against city and river
The 3 Best Workouts That Can Help You Poop (and 2 to Avoid)
collage of the running belts of 2024 isolated on a teal background
The 6 Best Running Belts of 2024, According to Marathoners
Two people with short hair and leggings taking a walk after eating in a grassy field
4 Impressive Reasons Walking After Eating Is So Good for You
Shot of a mature adult lying on the floor doing constructive rest
How to Do the Constructive Rest Pose for Total-Body Relaxation
three of the best health and fitness deals on Amazon for black friday 2023
The 24 Best Health and Fitness Black Friday Deals on Amazon
personal trainer does downward facing dog pose as part of a mobility workout for the 5 minutes of movement challenge
Improve Your Mobility in 5 Minutes With These 4 Simple Moves
three items of running gear on sale for Black Friday at Brooks Running against a dark background
The 11 Best Black Friday Deals From Brooks Running
three products on sale for Black Friday (shorts, massage gun and water jug) against a dark background
The 15 Best Black Friday Fitness Deals to Shop Right Now
Person wearing a green T-shirt and shorts doing a standing core workout for people with back pain
A 10-Minute Standing Core Workout for People With Back Pain
Person in workout clothes sitting in chair doing a seated core workout
A 10-Minute Seated Core Workout for People With Back Pain

Our team of fitness experts is dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness goals. We understand that everyone has unique needs and preferences when it comes to fitness, which is why we offer a variety of workouts and exercises to choose from. Whether you prefer cardio, strength training, yoga or something else entirely, we have a plan that's right for you.

In addition to workout plans and exercise videos, we also provide nutrition advice and healthy eating tips to help you fuel your body for optimal performance. We believe that a well-rounded fitness routine includes both exercise and healthy eating habits, which is why we prioritize both on our fitness page."

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