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No matter your fitness background and level, these workouts and exercise guides will help you get (and stay) in great shape.

Woman using exercise band to lunge
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an adult wearing dark leggings and a pink tank top does a barbell back squat in a gym
Hack Squat vs. Back Squat: Which Exercise Is Best for Muscle Growth?
a front view of an adult wearing a gray t-shirt and black glasses doing wide push-ups at home
Wide Push-Ups vs. Close Push-Ups: Which Push-Up Variation Is Best for You?
a young adult with natural hair does a bicep curl at home
The Mechanics of a Biceps Curl and the Muscles It Works
man squatting at a group fitness class, looking concerned about farting while working out
Farting While Working Out? Here's Why and What to Do About It
Strong weightlifter preparing to do a deadlift with a barbell in a gym
What Muscles Do Deadlifts Work?
a young adult wearing a matching crop top and leggings at the gym experiencing knee pain from the leg press machine
Knee Pain From the Leg Press? Here's What Your Body's Trying to Tell You
a young adult wearing light green leggings, a white long sleeve shirt and braids works the upper-body muscle groups doing push-ups outside
What Muscles Are Used in Push-Up Exercises?
LIVESTRONG illustration of a person on a blue background with good dumbbell deadlift form
How to Do the Dumbbell Deadlift for Total-Body Strength and Muscle
a person wearing a black tank top, patterned leggings and black sneakers does an incline push-up on a bench at the beach as part of a 30-day push-up challenge
Join the 30-Day Push-Up Challenge for Upper-Body Strength, Stability and Stamina
Person with their hair in a bun does the decline push-up at the park on a bench
The 24 Best Push-Up Variations for Every Fitness Level
person with a beard doing upper body stretch at home to ease muscle soreness from 30-day push-up challenge
7 Upper-Body Stretches to Ease Muscle Soreness From Push-Ups
Front view portrait of man with tablet doing proper push-up form indoors at home.
Here's Exactly How to Do the Perfect Push-Up Every Time
illustration of a person doing a dumbbell leg curl exercise isolated on a peach background
How to Do Leg Curls for Strong Hamstrings and Pain-Free Knees
athletic adult wearing a red shirt and black shorts using the seated leg press machine in a gym
The Muscles Used on the Seated Leg Press Machine and Its Health Benefits
a close up of three sets of starting blocks placed on an athletics track for the start of a 100-meter sprint
What Are the Rules for the 100-Meter Sprint?
an adult with long blonde hair does 5 sets of 15 reps of bicep curls to build stronger arms in a gym near a window
The Reason You Should Lift 5 Sets of 15 Reps for Muscle Mass

Our team of fitness experts is dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness goals. We understand that everyone has unique needs and preferences when it comes to fitness, which is why we offer a variety of workouts and exercises to choose from. Whether you prefer cardio, strength training, yoga or something else entirely, we have a plan that's right for you.

In addition to workout plans and exercise videos, we also provide nutrition advice and healthy eating tips to help you fuel your body for optimal performance. We believe that a well-rounded fitness routine includes both exercise and healthy eating habits, which is why we prioritize both on our fitness page."

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