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How to Lose Belly Fat When Over 60

| By Timothy Swedberg
How to Lose Belly Fat When Over 60
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As you age your metabolism gradually slows down until losing fat can seem impossible. The good news according to Charla Krupp, author of "How Not to Look Old," is that by using a few simple diet and exercise tricks, you can increase the speed of your metabolism while eating less and feeling more satisfied. The result is weight loss at any age.

Step 1

Exercise for 30 minutes every morning. Focus on cardiovascular work such as walking or swimming and do your routine before breakfast for best results.

Step 2

Eat a breakfast of at least 600 calories. Include fruit, milk and whole grain cereal or oatmeal. Fruit contains natural sugar to help increase your energy level. Milk is rich in calcium which will strengthen your bones and boost your metabolism. Whole grains contain fiber which improves digestion and makes you feel full so you eat less throughout the day.

Step 3

Strength train twice a week. Lean muscle not only helps your posture but increases your resting metabolism. Muscles degrade without use, especially as you age, so it is important to retain your muscle mass.

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Step 4

Reduce your portion size and eat more protein. Because your metabolism is slower, you don't need as many calories to maintain your body weight and should eat less. It can be difficult to break this habit which is why you should eat more protein which makes you feel full even when you consume fewer calories. Include lean meats, eggs or dairy with every meal for best results.

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