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Targeted Weight Loss

How Can a Busy Mom Lose Weight?

When you have errands to run, homework to check, meals to cook and kids to kiss, taking care of yourself easily slides down to the...

Six Meals a Day Menu to Lose Stomach Fat

Dieters interested in blasting stomach fat and boosting their metabolism should aim for six small meals a day comprised of lean pr...

How Much Weight Can I Lose in 21 Days?

Three weeks does not represent a lot of time for you to lose weight, and it's definitely not enough time for you to develop ne...

Fastest Way to Lose Inches Off the Waist

If you have an apple-shaped body, it can have an emotional and physical impact on your life. For years, scientists have observed t...

Causes of Significant Memory Loss in Middle Aged Women

Foggy thinking and incidents of forgetfulness are common occurrences for many middle-aged women. Although significant memory loss ...

Avocado Salad for Belly Fat

Eating avocados to lose belly fat sounds like an oxymoron. After all, dieters have been told to avoid this high-fat fruit for year...

Are There Exercise Belts that Burn Belly Fat?

Exercise belts don’t help you burn belly fat. In fact, they don’t do much for weight loss at all. The only effective m...

How to Get Rid of Lower Back Fat and Love Handles Using Specific Diets and Exercise

Your lower back can amass excess fat, resulting in love handles, or a bulging beneath bra straps. Because you cannot spot-reduce f...

Do Stair Steppers Help You Lose Belly Fat?

Stair steppers have pedals that move up and down with your feet placed firmly on top. Due to the gliding, low-impact action of thi...

How to Lose Facial Fat Naturally by Exercise

Losing facial fat doesn't necessitate plastic surgery. You can lose it naturally by simply lowering your total body mass. Accordin...
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