illustration of person wearing shower cap in the shower not washing hair
Cocktail on a bedside table.
illustration of person in purple shirt stretching quad to warm up before exercise
Person grabbing disinfectant wipe from container.
illustration of person leaning over with hands on knees feeling tired during high-intensity workout with dumbbells
illustration of close up of person biting nails with red lipstick and red-orange background
Illustration of smart phone next to bed depicting blue light before sleep
Squeezing hand sanitizer on hands.
illustration of experience over-the-counter medications in medicine cabinet on blue tile bathroom wall
illustration of runner tying laces of old running shoe with hole and scuff marks
illustration of woman with wine bottle on video chat during coronavirus pandemic lockdown
Illustration of exercising without a sports bra
Kettlebell workout every day of the week concept graphic
Illustration of a person sitting with legs crossed
Graphic of a sore arm muscle doing a biceps curl
Illustration of expired foods
How bad is it really to skip breakfast?
Glass of wine next to weights
Illustration of a kettlebell on a bed at nighttime, representing the concept of working out before bed
Illustration of a dirty water bottle
An illustration of a green pepper with the words "wash me" written on the side, to represent unwashed fruits and vegetables
Illustration of nightshade vegetables that cause inflammation
Graphic illustrating a to-do list that skips showering after a workout
How Bad Is It Really to Sleep Right After You Eat?