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The Best Pilates Reformer for Home Use

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The Best Pilates Reformer for Home Use
Weigh your options and decide which reformer is best for you. Photo Credit Sunlight19/iStock/Getty Images

If the reformer is your favorite part of Pilates class, but you can't find the time to go to the studio, consider shopping for a machine you can use at home. The Pilates reformer in a studio seems large, cumbersome and immobile, but there are different versions made for in-home use. You can find something relatively small, lightweight and portable to turn your spare room or basement into a small Pilates studio.

When you start shopping for an in-home reformer, you're going to have to wade through a few different options. The prices range from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars and come in materials such as wood, plastic and metal. Some reformers have different add-ons, such as a trampoline bouncer at the bottom. There are even some systems that can serve as an entire home gym.

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At Home SPX Reformer

As a higher-end in-home reformer, this model isn't outrageously expensive and includes some add-ons. The royal blue color of the reformer makes it a stylish addition to your home studio. When set up, the reformer has a low profile and sits only a few inches off of the ground. The carriage has a patented rolling mechanism that makes it glide smoothly as you workout.

This model also comes with some add-ons. The footbar has four different height adjustments, and there is a padded platform extender that you can attach to give you more space. There is also a reformer box with a foot strap and an instructional DVD that can teach you more than 250 exercises. This reformer has wheels, which makes it easy to move around, but it doesn't fold up or become smaller.

IQ Reformer

To make this reformer really easy to use at home, the IQ is designed to be telescoping, which means that the frame can shorten. When it's time to store this reformer away you can make it smaller and then either wheel it under your bed or into your closet. There are even two styles of wheels that you can pick when you buy the reformer. The first is called "wheelbarrow," which stores under your bed, and the second is called "library," which stores in a closet. There are five pre-attached springs, which you can combine to create 46 different levels of resistance.

Allegro Reformer

Although this reformer was engineered and built for a Pilates studio, you can still use it in your home studio. You'll have to store it upright, but it even shrinks down to a smaller size to make it easier to store. It boasts an eight-wheel suspension system that helps you glide smoothly up and down on the carriage. The foot bar has an extra-wide design and is padded for comfort. It also has four different vertical height adjustments and four different horizontal adjustments. The Allegro reformer also comes with a Pilates instructional DVD to help you learn exercises on the reformer.

Some reformers are traditional and some add non-Pilates equipment.
Some reformers are traditional and some add non-Pilates equipment. Photo Credit muratemre/iStock/Getty Images

AeroPilates Reformer

AeroPilates puts a unique twist on the traditional reformer that lets you get an extra cardio session into your Pilates workout. While it can serve as a traditional reformer with all of the typical bells and whistles, you can replace the footbar with a trampoline attachment at the bottom of the reformer. You use the trampoline to do low-impact exercises like jumping and squats as a replacement for traditional cardio such as running. It comes with three heavy-duty resistance bands and two DVDs with four workouts total.

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Pilates Power Gym

Don't confuse this piece of equipment with a traditional reformer. It extends more into the realm of a home gym than any other reformers. It comes with the traditional handles, carriage, head rest and shoulder pads that a traditional reformer does. It also includes a trampoline at the bottom for cardio exercises, similar to the AeroPilates Reformer.

You can do your traditional Pilates exercises lying flat on this machine, or you can raise the incline to let gravity add to the resistance cables and make your exercises harder. This one machine has the potential to replace 17 other machine exercises in a traditional gym, making it a very attractive option for a home gym that lacks space.

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